Tipi for Weddings

There is no bigger day than your wedding day, and your big day requires a special venue. Be surrounded by your friends and family in a venue they will all remember for years to come. Our beautiful tipis are the perfect venue for the perfect day.

But don’t just listen to us. It is a privilege to be part of everyone of our customer’s special day and below is a few of their kind comments.

Rob and his team provided a 3 top Tipi, kitchen and Little top for our daughters wedding on 27th May. The event was absolutely fantastic, producing a magical venue for Nat and Jonni’s big day.
We looked at a number of suppliers and settled on Katachiefs as Rob gave us every confidence in delivering the product, and they are only 7 miles away. A first class experience throughout. Would definitely book them again.” Ian Dodd, May 2019

“Very efficient staff and brilliant tipis! Even coming to the rescue late on Saturday to drop a side! Highly recommended” Jess Bostock, June 2019

“Used this company for my wedding! The staff went above and beyond to make my festival like wedding dream come true!” Jennifer Sherratt, September 2019

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A Magical Venue

There is something magical about the first time you step inside a tipi. It has the ability to take your breath away. Stepping inside you will involuntarily find yourself uttering “WOW”. From the twinkling of hundreds of fairy lights, the rustic wooden poles and the warmth of the canvas, an event in a Giant Tipi is an experience to cherish. Our luxurious tipis are ideal for weddings at any time of the year providing a venue that will live long in the memory of you and your guests.


Stunning in Every Setting


Unlike traditional white marquees that can be a blot on the landscape our Giant Tipis complement any setting. No matter the location our tipi look as if they belong there. The tipi’s tanned canvas and wooden poles merge seamlessly into any environment.  All we need is level ground and good vehicle access to the site. The possibilities are endless. Just imagine:

  Walking along a woodland path lined with lanterns. The trees open up in front of you to reveal a woodland clearing. There nestled among the trees is your tipi formation, the wooden poles merging with the trees, the flickering flames of the fire pit, and the twinkling of the fairy lights inviting you into your own woodland escape.

  You’re standing at the edge of a lake, the water reflecting the tipi behind you. During the day the tanned canvas merges into the tranquility of the water, but as night settles and the water becomes it reflects the shimmering tipi lights that dance across its surface mirroring the party within.

 Or perhaps the prefect location for you is in the grounds or gardens or a family home. Your big day in a familiar location can make it extra special and that way you can bring the party to you.

Whatever the location our tipis provide the perfect backdrop to your big day.


A Unique Formation

You have found the perfect location to site your Tipis, you have decided on the number of guests, so now it time to settle on a formation. The great thing about Tipis is they can be linked together to create the perfect space to cater for your needs.  Link three Giant Tipi together in a triangular formation to create a cavernous space. Add a forth Giant Tipi to create a diamond shape. Perhaps link several in a row to form a horseshoe shape. Then once you start adding Midi Tipis and Baby Tipis to the formation you can create a unique venue tailored to you.



Not Just Giant Tipi


We like to think of Giant Tipi as the heart of your venue. Within the Giant Tipi you will have arrival drinks, your wedding breakfast, and your party into the evening. Alone these are amazing structures but with the addition of Midi and Baby Tipi you can create a truly special venue. Our smaller tipi can be linked into any formation to give your wedding an extra dimension. Linked to the Giant Tipi by a tunnel you can create small intimate spaces away from the main party. Use a smaller tipi to create a chill out room, a play area for children or even the site of a bar.


An Amazing Atmosphere

It’s a warm summer evening and your guests are wanting to make use of the fabulous surroundings outside of the tipi. If it was a marquee event then your guests may fracture into smaller groups depleting the atmosphere, but in choosing to have a tipi you can use the outside as an extension of venue. The sides of the tipi can be elevated to create an extravagant porch bringing the outside in. Your guests can sit under the porch or use it to come and go as they please. But to really make use of the outside space place fire pits and seating outside the front of the tipis to create a mini festival feel.

Living in Britain we have to be realistic. The weather does not always suit having the sides up especially in the winter months. With our tipis that is not a problem. With the sides down our tipis provide an intimate atmosphere full of warmth.


It’s Your Wedding so it’s Your Canvas

We hate to use the analogy (our fabulous looking tipis are far from blank) but at KåtaChiefs our tipi provide the canvas for your event. You are the artist and it is your personal touches that make the tipi truly special. From the tipi formation to the layout within, you can personalise every detail. Choose the layout of the tables, the location of the dance floor, the site of the bar are just a few of the options available.

No couple and no wedding are the same. Our exquisite tipis can be personalised and decorated to reflect your personality. We offer a range of optional accessories to adorn our tipi or add your own decorations and ideas.  It’s your wedding let your imagination run free. 



Here to Help

We are here to work with you and do as much or as little as you want to create your special day as one to cherish for years to come. We will make suggestions and recommendations, but we will never push you or hard sell you into something you do not want. It is your big day so do it your way. But that does not mean we are not here to throw ideas at. We’re here to answer your questions and help you in any way we possibly can to make your dream day a reality.


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