Tipi for Parties

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, a special birthday or just wanting to let your hair down, then why not host your party in a structure that will dazzle your guests. Whatever the occasion a party in a tipi is a night to remember.

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We believe there is always an excuse for a party. There is nothing better than getting together with your friends and loved ones for a night of celebration. Great parties begin in great venues and a party in a tipi is no like other.

A Venue for Any Occasion

Tipis provide an excellent venue for any occasion. It doesn’t matter how big or small your event is, whether it’s a small intimate gathering or an event for hundreds of people, a tipi will provide a venue like no other. The hundreds of fairy lights, the rustic wooden poles, the canvas all combining to create to a warm ambiance that any party will fill at home in.


Tipis are great for formal functions. With circular tables and chairs they provide an elegant, sophisticated atmosphere perfect for anniversaries and ceremonial occasions


Or perhaps your planning something a bit more informal. Swap the circular tables for rustic wooden benches add a few spot lights and create an exciting space.


No Matter What Time of Year

It’s a warm summer evening, so why not take your party outside. Unlike other types of structures where the party is confined within the walls of the structure with a tipi you can use the outside space as an extension of your venue. The sides of the tipi can be elevated to create an extravagant porch bringing the outside in. Your guests can sit under the porch or use it to come and go as they please. Inside the tipi are the band, the dance floor, and the bar while outside your guests can sits around fire pits beneath the twinkling stars.


Living in Britain we have to be realistic. The weather does not always suit having the sides up especially in the winter months. With our tipis that is not a problem. With the sides down and a weather proofing kit our tipis provide an intimate atmosphere safe from the worse that the British weather can throw at it.



Get Creative

The great thing about tipis is that with the right decorations can transform them into a unique venue that reflects the occasion you are celebrating or your personality. Why not get creative. Here is a few ideas of what you could do with the right decorations.

  • Wild flower garlands, hops, straw bales to create a summer harvest
  • With some pumpkins, cobwebs hanging from the poles, and ghostly decorations to create a creepy Halloween party.
  • A Christmas tree in the middle of one of the tipis, dangling baubles, and wreaths to create a winter wonder land

Here to Help

We are here to work with you and do as much or as little as you want to create a party to remember. We will make suggestions and recommendations, but we will never push you or hard sell you into something you do not want. It is your party so do it your way. But that does not mean we are not here to throw ideas at. We’re here to answer your questions and help you in any way we possibly can to make your party one that memories are made of.


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