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Tipi for Corporate Functions

Have a conference in an inspirational space, host a promotional event in a venue that reflects your business’s dynamism, or perhaps a training day. Whatever your business event, Tipis provide a versatile venue that is perfect for corporate events with a difference.

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Tipis lend themselves as the perfect venue for corporate events. The wow factor of stepping inside a tipi is an excellent step in impressing your clients. While the warm, inviting atmospheres within are a great place to engage with customers at an intimate level. Or perhaps you want to reward your employees with a brilliant end of year party. Well there is no better place for a party than in a tipi.

With the ability to link multiple tipi together, we can provide a small venue for a selected few guests or a large venue catering for hundreds of people. Our tipi are not just limited to being situated on grass. They can be anchored on hard standing for events where positioning on grass in not an option. And with the ability to link the tipi together into different formations we can create a venue that suits your needs.

Giant Tipis have caught the eye of some of the biggest companies and brands in the UK. After seeing their potential many have decided to use tipi to host their own events. Isn’t it time that you host your business’s next event in the exciting, inspiring atmosphere found within a tipi?


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