Autumn Showcase at The Farm

This year out autumn tipi showcase was at the



We showcases three giant tipis in a triangular formation along with a nimbus (little hat tipi) in the foreground. A small glamping village of bell tents was set up to the rights of the tipis. To the left of the tipis was a set of luxury toilets. With ran a strand of festoon lights round the top of the tipis.




On the tipis we added a weather proof kit A, consisting of panoramic panels. We placed a panoramic extension on the left hand tipi to give more space and allow more light into the tipi during the day.




The rear of the three tipis we supplied just wooden rustic tables for other exhibitors to display their great services.  In the right hand tepee we placed a fire pit and our chillout package, consisting of sofas, tables and benches and arm chairs. From the top of the teepee we suspended a wagon wheel chandelier. In the left hand teepee we laid out a wedding breakfast for 4o on our rustic round tables and oak cross back chairs. Suspended about the tables we hung a wagon wheel chandelier and flower ring.



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