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Tipi’s A Venue Like No Other

There is something enchanting about an event inside a tipi. From the rustic feel of the wooden poles, the welcoming glow of the fire pit, the sparkling of lights, and not to forget the wow factor created by a range of accessories that will leave your guests stunned, an event in a tipi is what dreams are made of.

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At KåtaChiefs our tipis are mix of the old and new. The wooden poles used to create the frame of our tipis are sourced from Northern Scandinavian forests. The slow growing timber is over eighty years old! The canvas is formed using advance textile methods. This blending of new and old creates a magnificent space for any event. And unlike a traditional white marquee there is no need to line it.

We have a range of tipis hire for you to host any event. All of our tipis are interlinkable so whether you want one standalone tipi to several linked together we can create the formation you require. Click on our floor plan broacher to see the sort of venues you can create.


Giant Tipis

Our Giant Tipis are inspired by the kåta, the traditional home of the Sami People. With the capacity of up to sixty guests a single giant tipi provides a striking venue for any event. But it is when our giant Tipis are linked together they cannot be matched. Our Giant Tipis can be linked up in a range of formations and number to cater for an event of any size.


Midi Tipis

If you’re wanting a small intimate gathering then a standalone Midi Tipi provides the perfect venue for up to 40 guests. Where the Midi Tipi is at its best is as part of a configuration of Giant Tipis. Adorn it with comfy furniture to create a large chill out zone away from the main party or as a reception to welcome your guests.

Baby Tipi

The smallest of our Tipis, the Baby Tipi makes a fantastic addition to any Giant Tipi formation. Use a baby tipi to create a chill out zone with comfy furniture, a space for children to play in, or for whatever else you can dream of.

Baby Tipis can also be hired out to provide a small intimate space for up to 12 guests.


Little Hat

What it lacks in size this little guy makes up for in character. It may not be big enough to seat your guests but it does make for the most eye-catching drinks reception area, or perhaps an outdoor food stand surrounded with straw bale seating. Our little Hat is the perfect accompaniment for all those warm summer evenings where your guests want to relax outdoors with a drink in hand.

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