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Tipi’s for a Garden Party


Tipi in Back Garden

If you are considering having a tipi event, but do not have the luxury of having your own field or a massive garden then it is possible to hold tipi event in garden’s of a modest size. Depending on the size of the garden will determine the size and number of tipi you can host. We have three different sizes of tipi and a range of possibilities at our disposal.

For example this is a tipi wedding we carried out in the middle of a large town. From the road it looked like any residential street. However, go down the drive and into the back garden to reveal the fantastic wedding venue at the back.

Our brief was to provide a space to seat  67  guests with a dance floor. The garden was not quite large enough for two giant tipi linked together. As an alternative we linked a midi tipi to a giant tipi.

Inside the giant tipi was a head table for the bride and groom and family. The rest of the guest sat at six of our rustic round tables large enough for ten guests per table. The dance floor and a place for the dj was located in the midi tipi.

The bar was located outside the tipi on a small patio and the toilets were positioned on the drive.

To find out about hosting a tipi in your garden get in touch for a chat and we will be happy to advise you on the most suitable sized tipi for your event.


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