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Tipi Wedding

Our tipis are great for all occasions. They make the perfect venue for parties but it is for weddings that they come into their own. With wooden poles and twinkling fairy lights they already look fantastic but when they have been dressed for a wedding they really do come to life.

Using flowers is a wonderful way to bring colour to your tipi wedding. For this wedding flowers were placed on tables to bring a bouquet of colour to the tipi using a mixtures of whites, purples and pinks.

Suspended from the top of the tipi is our flower ring. This ring has been decorated by using foliage out of the garden and artificial flowers. The great thing about using artificial flowers for the flower ring is there is no need to worry about the flowers wilting in the heat. There is also a wide range of colours available and good quality flowers look as good as the real thing.


Bunting is also a great way of bringing some character to your tipi wedding. Hung from the purlins they bring colour and shape to the tipi. With a wide range of bunting available you should be able to find the decorations to complement your own creativity.





When it comes to dressing the tipi the most important thing is to put your own stamp on it. It is your special day so if should reflect your own character. We provide a blank canvas (a spectacular looking canvas) but it is how you dress it that makes the event yours.


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