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Tipis Stunning in any Location

Kåtachiefs are based in the West Midlands. We provide tipi hire for Shropshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire, West Wales and the rest of the West Midlands. In this area there are some stunning settings, from the hills of South Shropshire and Wales, the Cheshire Gap, the woodlands and peak district of Staffordshire, to the green belt gaps of the west midlands.


Unlike traditional white marquees that can be a blot on the landscape our Giant Tipis complement any setting. No matter the location our tipi look as if they belong there. The tipi’s tanned canvas and wooden poles merge seamlessly into any environment. All we need is level ground and good vehicle access to the site. The possibilities are endless.


Just imagine:

Walking along a woodland path lined with lanterns. The trees open up in front of you to reveal a woodland clearing. There nestled among the trees is your tipi formation, the wooden poles merging with the trees, the flickering flames of the fire pit, and the twinkling of the fairy lights inviting you into your own woodland escape.

Marsh Farm Shropshire Tipi Venue
Across the Water

You’re standing at the edge of a lake, the water reflecting the tipi behind you. During the day the tanned canvas merges into the tranquillity of the water, but as night settles and the water becomes it reflects the shimmering tipi lights that dance across its surface mirroring the party within.


Or perhaps the prefect location for you is in the grounds or gardens or a family home. Your big day in a familiar location can make it extra special and that way you can bring the party to you.






Whatever the location our tipis provide the perfect backdrop to your big day. To find out more about having your own tipi event

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