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Having A Smaller Event this Summer 2020

We don’t just cater for large weddings and parties we also have a range of options for smaller, intimate events. To have a look at the options that we offer for Smaller Events 

Recommendations On Having a Safe Get Together

Maintain social distancing of 2m at all times. Only have 1m social distancing if cannot be avoided

The 2m social distancing can be maintained with each household remaining on separate tables 2m apart as in the diagram opposite.

Respect government guidelines on the number of people allowed to meet up, currently no more than six from different households, unlimited numbers from two households.

Do not pass items from person to person. If you have to handle objects that someone else has handled then ensure that hand hygiene measures are followed.

If you are having a BBQ then each guest should have their own assigned plates, glasses, and cutlery. Avoid handling anyone else’s plates, glasses or cutlery and need to follow safe hand hygiene measures.


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