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Giant Tipi for Garden Party



The beginning of this month we set up a tipi for a garden party in Shrewsbury. This was the smallest garden that we have ever put up a giant tipi. The tipi only just fit in the garden as the pictures show. This provided a challenge in building and dismantling the tipi with only having the minimum of space to lay out the canvas and to erect the poles.



For this garden party the tipi was to be used as a place for the band to be set up. We placed a small dancefloor that was 9ft x 9ft in front of the band. Around the dancefloor we placed five tables with ten benches to provide seating. The bar was located inside the house with guests moving between the tipi, the house and the patio area.



Due to the weather the patio was not finished in time for the party. To provide the guests with a place to stand and not walking upon hardcore we placed woven matting down and rubber matting to provide a place for guests to sit.



This event proves that even if you do not have the luxury of having your own field or a massive garden then it is possible to hold tipi event in garden’s of a modest size. Depending on the size of the garden will determine the size and number of tipi you can host. We have three different sizes of tipi and a range of possibilities at our disposal. To find out more get in touch today at www.katachiefs.com

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