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All in a Name

Well call them tipi. Some people call them kåta. That is because our tipi for hire are based upon the kata built by the Sami people of Scandinavia. The Sami kåta is a cone shape structure of wooden poles covered in animal hides. This structure provided the perfect home that provided wind resistance and with a fire inside the kata kept the worst of the Scandinavian weather out. Quick to erect the kata allowed the Sami people to follow the heard of migrating reindeer. Hence where our name Kåtachiefs comes from.

In design and shape the kata are similar to the tipi of the native Americans. The word tipi come from the Lakota word thipi which means dwelling. Teepee is just another word for tipi. Although we prefer to spell it tipi rather than teepee. Like the kata of the sami the tipi or teepee is a conical shape built from pole and animal hides, a brilliant structure employed by people on different sides of the planet. The native Americans used their tipi or teepee to follow the herds of bison rather than reindeer the Sami people followed in their kata.

Today tipi have a different function. We hire out our giant tipi or as some call them big hat teepee for all sorts of events. Coming in a range of sizes and being able to link them together we can provide a tipi, kata or teepee for any sized event. We provide tipi hire for weddings, tipi hire for parties and tipi hire for all other occasions.

So in the end it doesn’t matter if you call them kata, tipi or teepee we have giant tipis to hire, katas to hire, or teepee to hire for your event.



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