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A Testing Tipi Construction


Last week we took on our most testing tipi construction challenge yet. Set in a courtyard only just big enough to house the three tipi this job was given the added complexity of building the third tipi over a pond and fountain.


Our first challenge was to position the tipis. The courtyard was not large enough to position the tipi in a liner formation and the positioning of the pond prevented us from placing the tipi in a triangular formation. We resolved this by positioning the tipi in an L shape. Then working with care we lifted the poles up above the pond.



Once the canvas was over the tipi working around the pond proved to be a challenge as it limited access to the poles. Working with care we managed to strap and link the canvas together, however it did prevent us from pulling the tipi linking roof panel as taunt as we would normally like. Working in a L shape was a formation we had never tried before. With plenty of strapping and using the correct blanking panels we managed to make the structure water tight.

It wasn’t only the pond that made this build difficult. The ground itself consisted of rubble and hardcore that made putting the pegs into the ground difficult in places. We had to overcome this through brute force and in the worst places predrilling the holes.

Although this tipi event proved to be a challenge it was worth it to create a stunning tipi event.

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