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A Tepee Garden Office

Whether we like it or not Covid 19 is changing the ways we live our lives. People all over the country are finding they are working from home. As businesses adapt to this new environment many employees will find less and less time in the office and more time working from home. All over the country, people are working at kitchen tables, in corner of the living room or on makeshift desks in their bedroom. But this does not have to be the case. Liberate your home from the workplace and take your office outside with Garden Tepee.
Just thinking of leaving house and making the daily commute across your garden to your very own tepee tent. At the end of the day you can leave work behind in the garden. No more feeling trapped in the same four walls all day long with no escape from the workplace
Our smallest tepees have a diameter of 6.5m and cover a huge 37.5m2 making them easily big enough for an garden office. With perspex windows to allow natural light in our tepees provide a wonderful environment to work in. Made from weatherproof fabric tested in the event industry our tepees are able to withstand the worst the weather can throw at it. With a wooden floor and we are able to install heaters and even log burners inside they provide a cosy environment.
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