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A Little Hat Engagement Party in Winter

Little Hat


Our little hat is perfect for small parties. With no sides on it is ideal for summer events allowing a place for guests to sit in the shade on sunny afternoons but can it be used for winter events. This January one of our customers wanted to celebrate their engagement with a party for family and friends in their back garden. As it was a Christmas engagement they wanted to celebrate as soon as possible and contacted us to enquire about tipi hire. Unfortunately due to the size of their garden it quickly became apparent that they did have the space for even a baby tipi and the only structure that would fit their garden was our little hat.













A Little Hat in Winter

We do have sides for our little hat that can act as a wind break but with high fences our customers did not feel that sides were a necessity. Normally we do not put flooring in our little hat tipis, however as the ground was wet due to being January we decided to place rubber mats on the ground. This stopped any water soaking up through the matting. We dressed the poles with fairy lights and the customers used artificial flowers to dress the inside of the poles.

For the guests we provided tables and benches for somewhere to sit and a few barrels as decorations and a place to rest drinks for standing guests. To provide a bit of heat for other guests to sit and stand around we supplied a fire bowl and logs to burn. Have a look at some or other great Accessories. So even though it was a cool night in January our customer’s guests had a great party to celebrate their engagement.

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