Having A Smaller Event

We don’t just cater for large weddings and parties we also have a range of options for smaller, intimate events. To have a look at the options that we offer your event look at the link Tents for Smaller Events

Recommendations On Having a Safe Get Together


Maintain social distancing of 2m at all times. Only have 1m social distancing if cannot be avoided

The 2m social distancing can be maintained with each household remaining on separate tables 2m apart as in the diagram opposite.

Respect government guidelines on the number of people allowed to meet up, currently no more than six from different households, unlimited numbers from two households.

Do not pass items from person to person. If you have to handle objects that someone else has handled then ensure that hand hygiene measures are followed.

If you are having a BBQ then each guest should have their own assigned plates, glasses, and cutlery. Avoid handling anyone else’s plates, glasses or cutlery and need to follow safe hand hygiene measures.


Fancy a Drink?

Whether it is a wedding, party or a corporate event all fantastic tipi events require a bar. Not only are bars vital to provide your guests with refreshments they also make a great place for your guests to congregate. At  Kåtachiefs we have several different bars for you to hire starting with our impressive circular bar.


With a diameter of 3.6m our circular bar is designed to fit in the centre of a giant tipi or within our little hat .The bar has an entry and exit point for staff and guests to easily access behind the bar. The bar also has a number of shelves, in which you can sit fridges on the bottom and other items such as glassware and bottles towards the top of the bar – making it easy for staff members to serve drinks.


Accompanied by subtle spotlights, the Circular Wooden Bar will create a focal point at your event – a place for your guests to gather and chat, whilst sipping on cocktails. You can even add our beautiful Wagon Wheel and Flower hoop Chandelier Combo above it – creating even more of a wow-factor!

We have a range of amazing accessories to make your tipi event extra special. Check out our accessories brochure for more of our great accessories.

Accessories Brochure

Tipi Party

Our tipis are perfect for all occasions, from weddings to great parties. This season we did tipi parties for several milestone birthdays from 18ths – 40ths and from 21st- 60ths. What all these parties had in common was wanting an event that stood out from the crowd. There is no other structure like a tipi for this.


We had smaller parties in just our little hat, medium sized parties in a single giant tipi and parties in three giant tipis. If you want to create a party to remember then get in touch today and start planning your tipi party.

Autumn Tipi Showcase

Saturday 5th October 2019 & Sunday 6th October 2019 

12pm – 4pm each day

Blackden Estate, Goostrey, CW4 8PL

Whether you are planning a wedding or a party our Tipi Showcase is the perfect place to start. You will see our stunning tipis, a magnificent venue in the heart of Cheshire, and other brilliant suppliers all there to help make your dream event come true.

The brand new luxury wedding & events venue Blackden Manor will be hosting the weekend.  Blackden Manor is an Elizabethan Manor House with buildings dating back to 1590. Set in the Cheshire countryside and with the manor as the perfect background this is a venue that has to be seen. Located just outside the Cheshire Village of Goostrey it is a stone’s throw from Jodrell Bank. The address is Blackden Estate, Goostrey, CW4 8PL

Not only will you be able to see our fabulous tipis and the best of our accessories, you will get to meet other great suppliers.

Sue LeBonne & Samuel James – caterers
Honeybells  – glamping
Scene My Event – entertainment
Willow & Wilde– photographer
….and lots more.


Samual James Catering 

To find out more get in touch today by

email: katachiefs@gmail.com

phone: 01630 653 333

Or follow us on Instagram or Facebook for the latest updates.









Tipi Party in Cheshire



For a garden party in Cheshire this summer we put up three giant tipis in a triangular formation. The triangular formation creates a large open space.


Inside the first of the three tipi we provided our rustic wooden tables and benches for 90 guests. Our rustic wooden tables can sit 6 guests and look fantastic inside the tipi.


In the second of the tipi we placed our chillout package. Our tipi chill out package consists of four arm chairs, two chesterfield sofas, two tables, six benches, 2 coffee tables, two rugs, two reindeer skins and a selections of cushions. Our chill out package makes a great place to kick your feet back and relax at your tipi event. We also provided one of our bioethanol firepits. Which make a great focal point to gather round.

In the final tipi we placed our dance floor. At the back of the tipi we put on a porch exit allowing guests to leave the tipi to access the toilets. To get a better idea of the feel of the event watch the video below filmed before the customer dressed the tipis.



To find out more about hosting your own tipi event then get in touch today at www.katachiefs.com

Giant Tipi for Garden Party



The beginning of this month we set up a tipi for a garden party in Shrewsbury. This was the smallest garden that we have ever put up a giant tipi. The tipi only just fit in the garden as the pictures show. This provided a challenge in building and dismantling the tipi with only having the minimum of space to lay out the canvas and to erect the poles.



For this garden party the tipi was to be used as a place for the band to be set up. We placed a small dancefloor that was 9ft x 9ft in front of the band. Around the dancefloor we placed five tables with ten benches to provide seating. The bar was located inside the house with guests moving between the tipi, the house and the patio area.



Due to the weather the patio was not finished in time for the party. To provide the guests with a place to stand and not walking upon hardcore we placed woven matting down and rubber matting to provide a place for guests to sit.



This event proves that even if you do not have the luxury of having your own field or a massive garden then it is possible to hold tipi event in garden’s of a modest size. Depending on the size of the garden will determine the size and number of tipi you can host. We have three different sizes of tipi and a range of possibilities at our disposal. To find out more get in touch today at www.katachiefs.com

Tipi’s for a Garden Party


Tipi in Back Garden

If you are considering having a tipi event, but do not have the luxury of having your own field or a massive garden then it is possible to hold tipi event in garden’s of a modest size. Depending on the size of the garden will determine the size and number of tipi you can host. We have three different sizes of tipi and a range of possibilities at our disposal.

For example this is a tipi wedding we carried out in the middle of a large town. From the road it looked like any residential street. However, go down the drive and into the back garden to reveal the fantastic wedding venue at the back.

Our brief was to provide a space to seat  67  guests with a dance floor. The garden was not quite large enough for two giant tipi linked together. As an alternative we linked a midi tipi to a giant tipi.

Inside the giant tipi was a head table for the bride and groom and family. The rest of the guest sat at six of our rustic round tables large enough for ten guests per table. The dance floor and a place for the dj was located in the midi tipi.

The bar was located outside the tipi on a small patio and the toilets were positioned on the drive.

To find out about hosting a tipi in your garden get in touch for a chat and we will be happy to advise you on the most suitable sized tipi for your event.


Tipi Wedding

Our tipis are great for all occasions. They make the perfect venue for parties but it is for weddings that they come into their own. With wooden poles and twinkling fairy lights they already look fantastic but when they have been dressed for a wedding they really do come to life.

Using flowers is a wonderful way to bring colour to your tipi wedding. For this wedding flowers were placed on tables to bring a bouquet of colour to the tipi using a mixtures of whites, purples and pinks.

Suspended from the top of the tipi is our flower ring. This ring has been decorated by using foliage out of the garden and artificial flowers. The great thing about using artificial flowers for the flower ring is there is no need to worry about the flowers wilting in the heat. There is also a wide range of colours available and good quality flowers look as good as the real thing.


Bunting is also a great way of bringing some character to your tipi wedding. Hung from the purlins they bring colour and shape to the tipi. With a wide range of bunting available you should be able to find the decorations to complement your own creativity.





When it comes to dressing the tipi the most important thing is to put your own stamp on it. It is your special day so if should reflect your own character. We provide a blank canvas (a spectacular looking canvas) but it is how you dress it that makes the event yours.


A Testing Tipi Construction


Last week we took on our most testing tipi construction challenge yet. Set in a courtyard only just big enough to house the three tipi this job was given the added complexity of building the third tipi over a pond and fountain.


Our first challenge was to position the tipis. The courtyard was not large enough to position the tipi in a liner formation and the positioning of the pond prevented us from placing the tipi in a triangular formation. We resolved this by positioning the tipi in an L shape. Then working with care we lifted the poles up above the pond.



Once the canvas was over the tipi working around the pond proved to be a challenge as it limited access to the poles. Working with care we managed to strap and link the canvas together, however it did prevent us from pulling the tipi linking roof panel as taunt as we would normally like. Working in a L shape was a formation we had never tried before. With plenty of strapping and using the correct blanking panels we managed to make the structure water tight.

It wasn’t only the pond that made this build difficult. The ground itself consisted of rubble and hardcore that made putting the pegs into the ground difficult in places. We had to overcome this through brute force and in the worst places predrilling the holes.

Although this tipi event proved to be a challenge it was worth it to create a stunning tipi event.

Tipi Spring Showcase, Sunday April 14th, 11:00 to 15:00

If you are planning a tipi event, then this is a day not to miss. We are excited to announce that at spring tipi showcase this year will be at the picturesque Chetwynd Deer Park, Newport, Shropshire, TF10 8EU, site of the Newport Show. Chetwynd Deer Park is a perfect, exclusive setting for your wedding day.

We’ll have our  stunning tipis, beautifully dressed for the occasion, together with a hand-picked selection of wedding suppliers, including photographers, florists, caterers & bar suppliers. This is a great chance to meet some useful contacts to help you put on the perfect event.

Enjoy a walk around the stunning grounds & the opportunity to talk with the Chetwynd Deer Park Venue team or discuss a tipi event with our friendly team.

Please email info@chetwynddeerpark.co.uk to book your 30 minute appointment, so we can help you get the most out of your visit.

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