Tipi Hire for Weddings Cheshire

Are you currently planning your wedding and looking for a unique venue? Have you considered a tipi? Here at KataChiefs, we are a local company that specialises in tipi hire for weddings in Cheshire. Since the 1970s our marquee business has worked extensively within the wedding industry to create unforgettable parties. Since then we have expanded on the family business and now predominantly specialise in giant tipis.


Our tipi hire for weddings in Cheshire is an amazing alternative to any standard venue. We are sure that the majority of people have been to many different weddings in a wide range of venues from stately homes to rustic barns, but have you ever been to a wedding in a tipi? If you want to wow your guests and leave them marvelling at their surroundings then choose KataChiefs. Avoid all kinds of drab venues and let us help you create an incredible unforgettable wedding venue.  


Unlike traditional white marquees, our tipi hire for weddings in Cheshire is perfect for any piece of land. They aren’t just a blot on the landscape, they compliment any setting and no matter what your location is our tipis look like they belong. With their tanned canvas and wooden poles, they seamlessly merge into any environment. As soon as you have found your perfect wedding location and decided on the number of guests we can work with you to create the perfect formation for your tipis. One of the great things about our tipis is that we can link them together to create the perfect size and shape for you. Our tipi hire for weddings in Cheshire is a great choice if you’re having a really big wedding, we can link together three of our giant tipis in a triangular formation to create a cavernous space. We can also add mini tipis and baby tipis if you would like to use a separate space for your bar for example. 


The beauty of our tipi hire for weddings in Cheshire is that your wedding venue will always be unique. Your formation, how you choose to decorate and how many tipis you have are all down to you. We always tailor our services to meet the bride and grooms requirements. You can trust us to provide you with good honest advice and we promise to never upsell more tipis than you require, we know how important a venue size is and we will help you achieve the perfect balance of having ample space for your guests whilst maintaining a great atmosphere giving a buzz of excitement throughout your day.

If you want to find out more about creating your dream tipi wedding then please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can get in touch by calling 01630 653 333 and we will happily discuss your ideas with you and get your wedding date in our diary. We look forward to helping you create a day you will never forget.


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