Tipi Hire for Parties – UK

Are you planning a party for an upcoming birthday and interested in hiring a giant tipi? You’ve come to the right place, welcome to Katachiefs Tipi Hire for Parties. We are a family run business that specialises in giant tipis. We started the company with the aim of being able to provide our customers with the ideal venue for their dream event. So, no matter how many guests you’re inviting to your big birthday party or how much outdoor space you have, you can trust that we will do all we can to create the perfect tipi configuration for you. Keep reading today to find out more about tipi hire for parties. 


Why Choose Tipi Hire for your Party?


There are so many different reasons why a giant tipi is the perfect choice of venue for any big birthday and you can guarantee that it will probably be one that your guests wouldn’t think of. Tipi hire for parties is still fairly unique, even though we have had the pleasure of working with lots of customers over our many years in the industry, and your party will be one that people are talking about for months, for all the right reasons. 


The brilliant thing about tipis is that no two events will be the same either. So, even if a friend or a family member has used a tipi for a party in the past, your events will still be so different. The configuration of the tents along with the decorations really can transform the space into somewhere that reflects your personality and your parties theme. If you’re looking for some inspiration in this regard, take a look at our accessories brochure today. 


How can Katachiefs Help with your Tipi Party in Cheshire?


Unlike other companies that offer tipi hire for parties, our team here at Katachiefs are more than happy to help as much as you’d like us to. Whether you simply need us to put up the tipi tent or you’d like us to transform the inside too, we are here to work with you. Many people that come to us for tipi hire for parties ask for recommendations and suggestions and you can trust that when doing so, we will never hard sell you something you don’t want or don’t really need. This simply isn’t how we work as a company. 


Not only can we provide you with tipi hire for parties but, at Katachiefs over our years supplying tipi tents for events, we have worked alongside lots of other incredible companies that may be beneficial to you. From caterers and florists to bars and DJs, we can supply you with a list of companies who have all worked with us in the past and know exactly how to prepare, dress or work with our unique tipis too. 


Party Tent Hire West Midlands


Ultimately, if you’re planning a party to remember then our tipi hire for parties is perfect and you can guarantee you will thank yourself in the long run for choosing something a little bit different. To speak to a member of our experienced team about our giant tipis and how we can help with your big birthday party, feel free to contact us today. You can either email us at katachiefs@gmail.com and we will get back to you asap, or alternatively, call us on 01630 653 333 and we will happily discuss your party plans in more detail over the phone. You can guarantee we will do all we can to help you have an unforgettable birthday. 


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